Where do I find the reserve price?

Modified on: Wed, 18 Dec, 2019 at 3:52 PM

At no time during the Openn Negotiation process will a reserve price be visible to anyone other than the Agent, however you are welcome to discuss with the agent of the property of what the sellers expectations are.
If a bid is received that is around the price the seller was hoping for, the seller can elect to sell the property to you without waiting to conduct a Final Bidding Stage after giving all other bidders notice of the bid. 
Final Bidding Stages are usually set 4 weeks after the start of the campaign but the seller can always elect to bring the Final Bidding Stage forward to sell the property earlier. 
As a Qualified Bidder you will always receive at least 12 hours notice to any change in the time of the Final Bidding Stage.

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