Why should I sell my home with Openn Negotiation?

Modified on: Fri, 13 Dec, 2019 at 9:34 AM

There are many, many reasons you should considering selling your home with Openn Negotiation, including 

  1. Your best chance for a great price
    An Openn Negotiation has a countdown timer so interested buyers need to get qualified asap if they want a chance to purchase your property. More competition helps to push the price up.

  2. Openn Negotiation encourage buyers to bid
    Buyers like Openn Negotiation because they can start at a comfortable level and follow the price up to your reserve, as the competition builds. The more buyers the more competition, the better chance of realising your best result.

  3. Real Time Feedback
    All buyers are pre-contracted and approved by you, meaning you have a real time indication of how many qualified bidders are placing legally binding bids, from as early as day one.

  4. You won’t let your best offer walk out the door
    In real estate you’ll often hear, “your first offer will be your best offer”. With Openn you can test this by being able to capture the first buyer, rather than risking them walking away.

  5. Openn captures a wide buyer pool
    With Openn Negotiation, buyers can be anywhere in the world and aren’t locked into specific conditions. They can submit their settlement date, deposit and even finance conditions for your approval from the start. This flexibility allows more buyers to participate.

  6. Less Days on Market
    The facts indicate the longer your property is on the market, the lesser price you will achieve. Openn Negotiation allows the Sales process to be conducted over a short and defined time, providing certainty and avoiding endless open homes and disappointments.

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